All good things must come to an end- Pacemaker Summer Olympics edition

Just about three weeks ago, the Pacemaker Team hosted our first Pacemaker Summer Olympics where we challenged writers to commit to writing at least 400 words a day for the duration of the Olympic Games. Participants were given the opportunity to represent a country as well, to mirror the actual Games, and for a little friendly competition and fun.

To some, 400 words a day might have seemed a trifle. Some may have seen the challenge and thought to themselves, “What can I accomplish with a meagre 400 words per day?”, “Is it even worth it?”. By the end of 17 days writing 400 words per day, though, that’s 6800 words! That’s 6800 more words than you may have had, had you done nothing.

And guess what! All together we wrote over half a million words! That’s 548,606 words to be exact! We really are better together!

Olympics 10

With writing, as with a great many things, we must measure our ‘progress’ not by how close we are to the ideal, but by how far we came from where we started. And like us, writing is more than the sum of its parts. It isn’t just about the number of words that are written, it’s about personal triumph, commitment, and pride!

We want to encourage all writers out there, to make time for your writing. When you don’t have the time, make the time, and if you can’t make the time, take the time from something else. You’ll be glad you did. Let’s not be afraid of, or despise, ‘small’ beginnings. Set a minimum and start trying to meet it. Chances are, you’ll exceed the minimum and surprise yourself!

We are happy to induct all who medalled into the company of Pacemaker Summer Olympics Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Olympics 9

To those who didn’t medal this time but still wrote more than they would have otherwise, we salute you as well!

Bragging rights to be enjoyed by all!

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