Let’s Talk About the Writer’s Games- Group challenge!

As Round 1 of the Writer’s Games- the Individual Portion, simmers to a close tonight, the flames of friendly competition are already being fanned for Round 2- the Group Portion!

In case you blinked and missed it, over the past 7 weeks, hundreds of individual participants have written 7 short stories in 72 hrs as part of the Writer’s Games! If you can believe it, they each received personalized feedback from multiple judges, on each of their 7 short stories! Winning entries will be featured in the Writer’s Games anthology, to be published and sold later this year!

In this round, however, participants will work in Groups to conceive an idea for the weekly prompt, then plan, write, and edit their entry. An elected Team Leader will submit the entry on behalf of the team, and then the judging begins. Just as with the Individual portion, each Group will get personalized feedback on each entry from multiple judges, and the winning Team’s entry will be published in the Writer’s Workout Anthology later this year!

I know what you’re thinking, “I really want to join but I don’t have a group of my own!”. No Team? No problem! Here are three ways you can get on board:

  • Join an open team
  • Create your own team (of 7-12 members)
  • Leave it up to chance by selecting the “I NEED a team!” option. Balanced groups are carefully curated by the Writer’s Workout team based on participants’ strengths/weaknesses.  (Insider scoop: the two-time reigning Group champs, The Red Herrings, were one of these chance teams!)
Although Groups can have as many as 12 members, there is absolutely no room for spectators! Each team member is expected to pull his/her weight to produce consistent, on-theme submissions which read with one voice!
Here’s some important information to keep in mind:

The Who: The Writer’s Workout

The What: The Writer’s Games 2017- Team Portion

The When: Group Games Registration begins: July 1

Group Games begin: August 4

Anthology published: exact date tbd Fall/Winter 2017!

The How: Visit the Website or Follow the Writer’s Workout and the Writer’s Games on Twitter. Their Facebook page is very active, and the admin are incredibly responsive!

Watch this space to register from July 1! Who’s in?!

Pacemaker goes to the Bank!

A few months ago Pacemaker went to the Gym! This week, we’re going to the Bank!

If you can use Pacemaker to track how much you write or read, or even run or train, why not how much you can save or even spend as well?!

Here are 3 ways to save, let’s say, $1000 in 3 months:

With the Rising to the Challenge strategy, I’ll save anywhere between $1 on the low end, and $21 on the high end, each day for 3 months, while Oscillating will have me saving between $6 and $17 daily. With Steadily though, I’ll tuck away about $11 each day.

You can play around with it yourself, here.

But then, of course, I’m me and not someone else who’s particularly diligent at saving! So it may not be realistic for me to accept a schedule which asks me to put something aside every single day for 3 months. This isn’t impossible, but it is improbable, at least for me because, you know: birthdays, bakeries, general indiscipline… bakeries). SO here’s that plan another 3 ways, this time, more realistically for me:

This Rising to the Challenge plan, starts me off easy with very low daily saving amounts, and allows me to skip my birthday week, and weekends. The most I ever have to save on any day is $35. I think I can manage that for 3 months.

Meanwhile this Oscillating plan will allow me to once again skip saving during my birthday week and on weekends, but I only have to set aside between $9 and $25 on saving days, to reach the same 1K goal in 3 months.

On the other hand, this plan allows me to Steadily work towards my savings goal by setting aside roughly the same amount every day. Even with skipping my birthday week and weekends again, with about $17/saving day, I can still hit that 1K goal in 3 months.

As usual, Pacemaker is showing me that whether little by little, or a lot by a lot, getting to my goal is possible!

So! Do you think Pacemaker can help you create savings plans? Or maybe you’ve thought of other quantitative goals you’d like to see incorporated, or even a write-in option? Just let us know! If there’s enough interest, we just might do it!

Discounted Pacemaker Premium subscriptions- It’s not too late!

Hey all!

Did you know that everyone who pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium has a personal referral code? It’s true! This lets them pass on the amazing FOR-LIFE promo pricing until March 31st!

pacemaker-premium-stickerThat means you can still enjoy Private Plans, Unlimited Plans, Descriptions, the ability to Create Challenges and Host writing groups (and more!), for the deeply discounted price of $5/month or $45/year, FOR! LIFE!

So if you know someone who pre-ordered Premium, hit them up! If not, no worries, here’s one on us: Pacemaker Premium Promo Code

Want to know how to find your referral code?

1. Have pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium


2. Log in and click your username in the top right of the page


3. Click on ‘Your Plans’


4. Click on ‘See and Share your Pacemaker Premium Referral Link’

See and Share.png

5. Copy the URL and share!

Copy URL.png

6. Win the love and adoration of all your friends and even total strangers!


Go ahead, don’t be shy, spread the word and the savings!


Important Changes to Free Pacemaker Accounts

Hi all!

With Pacemaker Premium just a few hours from being rolled out, we wanted to take the time to explain two important ch-ch-changes which will affect free Pacemaker accounts, and provide some insight into why we’ve gone Premium.

Plan Limits

Free Pacemaker accounts created from February 1st onwards will be limited to 2 plans.

But don’t worry! All free Pacemaker accounts which were created prior to Feb 1 2017 will maintain the number of plans currently present in their accounts, for life. This means that if you currently have 10 plans in your account, your limit for the life of your free Pacemaker account will be 10 plans. However, in order to create a new plan, you would have to delete one of your existing plans. These plan limits will be finalized by Feb 1.

Beta Unified Calendar

By Feb 1st 2017, only Pacemaker Premium subscribers will have access to the beta Unified Calendar which gives you an at-a-glance view of all your plans in one place. We continue to welcome any feedback on the Calendar which would help us improve its usefulness and functionality.

Why have we created paid Premium accounts?

As our free resource has grown, we have started to spend more and more time listening to your needs, building new features, responding to your support requests and maintaining web servers that host the website and securely keep your data. Instead of adding advertising to the site or closing it down, we decided to start a premium subscription that will help to support the site over the coming years and enable users to still enjoy the basic Pacemaker experience for free.

We thank you for your support over the years and hope to continue to build a Pacemaker that you would be proud to use and recommend to others. If you have any questions about how these changes will affect your account, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Write on!
Pacemaker Team



2017 begins with Pacemaker Premium!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re starting the New Year off with BIG news! Come February 1st 2017, users will be able to add premium features to their accounts with a Pacemaker Premium subscription!

Pacemaker Premium accounts will include:


  • Private Plans – Only you and those you share your plan link with will be able to view your pacemakerplans!
  • Challenges – Create and host a Group for a writing challenge or just communal writing activities. Track stats and progress for the entire Group- perfect for classrooms, writing groups, NaNoWriMo and friends!
  • Plan Descriptions – Add a bit more detail to your plans with rich text descriptions for your projects!
  • Unlimited Plans – While Free accounts will have up to 2 plans, Premium accounts can create as many pacemakerplans as needed!

Many more features such as reminders and the ability to archive, group and categorize plans by color or other criteria, will also be added throughout the year. And stay tuned for more information on how Premium users will be able to directly influence what we build next!

Pacemaker Premium will launch on February 1st, 2017 and cost $8 USD/month or $72 USD/year.

HOWEVER, as a special thanks to all our loyal users, we’re offering discounted introductory pricing to all who pre-order during the month of January. Each user who pre-orders Pacemaker Premium will:

  • Lock in the promotional price of $5 USD/month or $45 USD/year for LIFE! That’s right, as long as you maintain a Pacemaker Premium subscription, you will only pay $5/month or $45/year!
  • Be able to gift your friends, family or followers this promotional pricing until March 31st 2017! This means anyone you refer to Pacemaker Premium will also receive the Promo price for life if they subscribe using your referrer link by March 31st 2017!

Learn more about Pacemaker Premium and pre-order today!

As always, we are so grateful for your support! Pacemaker’s Premium features will give you a more personalized experience on the site, which we hope will translate into a more productive writing year for you.

The best is yet to come in 2017, and here’s to that!