Celebrate your progress, not just your completions!

When you made your first Pacemaker writing plan you probably set a pretty big goal. Let’s say that goal was 200 pages in 30 days, no breaks. At the time you set this goal, you were probably feeling super inspired and focused, really eager to get the job done. But life happened.

Life. Happened.

When you weren’t tired, you were stressed out. And on the days when you actually managed to get enough rest- writer’s block! Of course, there were also days when you did some serious damage, maybe you even went over your page count for the day!

But now you’re at the end of the 30 days and you’re only at 100 pages. What now?


30 days ago you had nothing! And now you have 100 pages! That’s 0-100 REAL QUICK and it’s important that you not only acknowledge that, but celebrate yourself for that!

As a Creative, you have an incredibly heavy burden to bear- the weight of the project you’re working on, the limited time you have to work on it, the desire to see the project through to completion and to see it become a success. The pressure is ever increasing and so is the temptation to just throw in the towel.  

This, of course, is on top of everyday life- day jobs, family, friends, and your typical average everyday global pandemic. You’ve got a lot going on, but you’ve managed to write the pages you’ve written on top of a very full plate. You deserve to celebrate! TREAT YOSELF!

We can so easily become distracted by all the things we haven’t done that we subconsciously [or consciously] ignore or downplay the things we have accomplished, creating a perceived deficit in our list of achievements. We forget that progress itself is an achievement. This is why it’s so important to intentionally take time out to celebrate progress- just as hard, just as purposefully, just as enthusiastically, as completed goals! It keeps us encouraged. It boosts our morale. And if we’ve fallen off the bandwagon, celebration can be the jolt that helps us get right back on!

At Pacemaker we’re all about celebrating progress towards the bigger goal. So, whether that be 1 page or 100 – Congratulations! Keep up the good work! As always, we’re here for you if you need to adjust your plan – judgement free, and we’ll be back again to celebrate your next progress update with you!

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