Discounted Pacemaker Premium subscriptions- It’s not too late!

Hey all!

Did you know that everyone who pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium has a personal referral code? It’s true! This lets them pass on the amazing FOR-LIFE promo pricing until March 31st!

pacemaker-premium-stickerThat means you can still enjoy Private Plans, Unlimited Plans, Descriptions, the ability to Create Challenges and Host writing groups (and more!), for the deeply discounted price of $5/month or $45/year, FOR! LIFE!

So if you know someone who pre-ordered Premium, hit them up! If not, no worries, here’s one on us: Pacemaker Premium Promo Code

Want to know how to find your referral code?

1. Have pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium


2. Log in and click your username in the top right of the page


3. Click on ‘Your Plans’


4. Click on ‘See and Share your Pacemaker Premium Referral Link’

See and Share.png

5. Copy the URL and share!

Copy URL.png

6. Win the love and adoration of all your friends and even total strangers!


Go ahead, don’t be shy, spread the word and the savings!


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