Introducing Pacemaker!

To find for x, x being the number of words you should write each day to achieve your writing goals, take the number of words you want to write, and divide it by some fraction of the time you have in which to do it. So let’s say we do 50,000 words in 50 days, that’s 50,000/50 which is 1000 words per day.

People have been using this simple math to help them plan their writing since time immemorial (I mean, I’m guessing). It works.

So why a writing Pacemaker?

The answer is even less complicated than the already uncomplicated math we just did- because life happens!

We make linear plans based on neat calculations but life rarely happens that way, and we find that while time moves along, nice and linear, day after day, our progress follows in a less than linear fashion, if at all.

Enter Pacemaker

The Pacemaker writing tool helps you design custom writing plans based on the classic units used in the equation above, but it introduces a few new elements to help cater for life’s ups and downs.

Start by structuring your project by entering word count and time-frame inputs, just like in the equation above, then chart your course from start to finish using our cool strategy presets, and then on top of that, track your progress to visualize how what you’re actually doing compares with the plan you set!


So, you want to write 50,000 words over the next 50 days, but can’t write Tuesdays and Wednesdays for whatever reason? How about 100,000 words in 60 days, but since you can’t write on Mondays and Fridays you want to write more on the weekends? No problem! Pacemaker has you covered.

And do you like to write more in the beginning so you have less to do closer to the deadline? Or maybe you like to start slowly, easing in to it? Want us to surprise you and assign you a certain amount of words per day in no particular pattern? No problem, Pacemaker can help. Select a cool strategy preset to determine how you approach your writing, and add a bit of a fun, gaming feel as well. You can choose our Steadily, Rising to the Challenge, or Randomly strategy presets, to name just a few.


Over the years, people have told us that Pacemaker empowers them to set and achieve their writing goals by helping them visualize their approach, by making them feel in control of their work, and by guiding them like a GPS through their writing. Thousands of writers, hobbyists, students and professional authors use Pacemaker regularly and Pacemaker has found a home in the hearts of hundreds of NaNoWriMo participants every November. Did you know that there are over 20 million googol different ways to write 50,000 words in 30 days?? (You can check the math here :)). Surely one of those is right for you; Pacemaker will help you find it!

So you’ve made it to the end of this looong post introducing Pacemaker! Thanks for reading through it all. You probably can’t tell, but we think our Pacemaker is pretty neat. You really shouldn’t take our word for it though, get your hands on Pacemaker yourself and see what you think!

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