Let’s talk about VerbalEyze & Writing Toolkits

If you’re between 13 and 22 years of age, or if you know an aspiring young writer in that age range, we have a great resource to share with you. VerbalEyze is a non-profit that exclusively publishes young authors between ages 13 and 22. They can help guide you through the writing and publishing processes. Yes, that’s advising you through licensing agreements, royalties, the editing process, and even marketing and promotion. Not quite ready to publish, but just looking to hone your skills? They help with that too through mini-lessons, writing workshops, a thriving community and a carefully curated list of writing tools to help you!


Speaking of writing tools, for the month of September, VerbalEyze is hosting a giveaway. The buy-in? Sharing with them @VerbalEyze a list of writing tools you never leave home without! Want to see the tools other writers swear by? Then follow the #MyWritingKit hashtag. Once you’re done browsing, share your favourite writing tools and techniques with the community as well. You may just win yourself some pretty cool prizes for it! There are 10 days left to enter so step on it writers! Find out everything you need to know about this opportunity here.

What better time than the present to light a fire under an aspiring young writer?! And once that fire is lit, why not point them to VerbalEyze- someone who can help stoke it? We’re officially shining a light in their direction and we hope you follow it! Get in touch with them, have a chat. You won’t regret it!

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