Pacemaker through your Eyes!

Our users reinvent Pacemaker every. single. day! Thanks to you, Pacemaker is constantly under construction, and we love that!


Throughout the years, one of our greatest pleasures has been observing the creative ways you all use the Pacemaker tool, which is to say, using the tool in ways we never imagined! Many of you have actually worked out creative hacks and workarounds to get the tool to perform just so, while others have written in to us with various feature requests, many of which we have implemented, and all of which have enriched the tool and improved the Pacemaker experience for all our users!

Building Pacemaker really is a partnership!

In fact, our users create so much amazing content (reviews/tips/hacks/walkthroughs etc.) that we’re launching a campaign to show the world Pacemaker through your eyes! Not only is this a great way to display different perspectives on Pacemaker, but it’s one significant way we can highlight our Pacemaker Evangelists- our users who share Pacemaker with others.

Sooo, have you ever written a blog post or newsletter about Pacemaker, or spoken about Pacemaker in a podcast or interview, etc?  Maybe you’ve published your own review/walkthrough of Pacemaker on Youtube? We want to know how you use Pacemaker! Do you have a secret hack that you use to tweak the tool to better suit your needs? Or do you use Pacemaker to track something out of the ordinary?

E-mail us (at, or tweet to us @Pacemakr and share a link to your Pacemaker related content, along with a little blurb about yourself, and a link to your home on the internet! Submissions will be shared  on Facebook and Twitter and featured on our revamped ‘Praise for Pacemaker’ page which will go live on 15th October 2020!

As always, thanks for working with us to build a better Pacemaker!

2 thoughts on “Pacemaker through your Eyes!

  1. I use the share feature to keep my followers updated on progress for their favorite series.
    But on the days when I have a hard time staying motivated, I keep updating my word count every time I want to stop. Seeing the counter go up makes me push myself. Also that confetti is my favorite part of the day.

    • Thanks for sharing! The feedback we’ve been getting about the confetti has been so overwhelmingly positive! People just LOVE it! And we LOVE that! If you have any ideas for some other things we can add to the site to make you feel celebrated and motivated, please please let us know!

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