Pacemaker goes to the Gym!

We’ve added a few fitness variables to the Pacemaker tool, did you notice?

Now you can track not only the words/pages you write,  but you can track the distance you run or the amount of time you train!

So maybe you want to run 10k a day for 1 month– no weekends because…10K a day!:

10k a day

Or perhaps you want to do the equivalent of 3 FULL DAYS– that’s 72 hours- of exercise per month:

Or maybe you’re like us and want to try to cover 400 miles in 3 months? Check out our [over-ambitious] pacemakerplan here:


Yea… we’re not gonna make it  🙃 but YOU can with your very own fitness pacemakerplan!

We’ve added just a few variables to begin with but we are more than open to adding more depending on interest. So, what do you think? Adapt Pacemaker to include fitness goals… do we dare?

Let’s talk about the Writer’s Games!

You’ve never participated in a writing challenge like this before!

We were recently introduced to a writing group called the Writer’s Workout and once a year they earn the workout in their name by hosting the Writer’s Games! Now this is not your grandmother’s light-walk-after-tea-which-is-good-for-your-constitution kind of workout. OoOoh no. This is the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) of writing workouts! It’s a high-octane, so-fast-you’ll-miss-it-if-you-blink-or-overthink-it kind of workout!


For the 4th year in a row, the Writer’s Workout is hosting their annual Writer’s Games- an exciting, fast-paced writing competition designed to challenge you as a writer and help you develop your writing skill! Over the course of 7 weeks, participants will produce 7 short stories in 72 hours. Yes, you read that right! Each week, participants will receive a topic on which they must write, edit and submit a short story within 72 hours!! A panel of judges conducts a blind review of every single entry- feedback which you’ll receive and participants are never pitted against each other as your score is based solely on how well you handle the week’s prompt.  Each winning entry will be featured in the Writer’s Games anthology which will be published and sold later this year- on top of some other great prizes!

There’s even a Team challenge if you’d rather not go it alone!

Registration for the individual Games will run from March 15- April 30 2017, and the Team portion will begin signups in July, so there’s plenty of time for you to get acquainted with the rules of the Games and get signed up!

If you’re looking for fierce but friendly competition, or just need a kick in the pants to get your writing habit going, or going again, sign up for the Writer’s Games!  There’s a real chance you’ll  see your name, IN PRINTTHIS YEAR!

Here’s some important info to keep in mind:

The Who: The Writer’s Workout

The What: The Writer’s Games 2017

The When:

Individual Games Registration: March 15- April 30
Individual Games begin: May 5
Group Games Registration: July 1
Group Games begin: August 4
Anthology published: exact date tbd Fall/Winter 2017!

The How: Visit the Website or Follow the Writer’s Workout and the Writer’s Games on Twitter.

Join for the Games, you might just end up staying for the community!

Discounted Pacemaker Premium subscriptions- It’s not too late!

Hey all!

Did you know that everyone who pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium has a personal referral code? It’s true! This lets them pass on the amazing FOR-LIFE promo pricing until March 31st!

pacemaker-premium-stickerThat means you can still enjoy Private Plans, Unlimited Plans, Descriptions, the ability to Create Challenges and Host writing groups (and more!), for the deeply discounted price of $5/month or $45/year, FOR! LIFE!

So if you know someone who pre-ordered Premium, hit them up! If not, no worries, here’s one on us: Pacemaker Premium Promo Code

Want to know how to find your referral code?

1. Have pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium


2. Log in and click your username in the top right of the page


3. Click on ‘Your Plans’


4. Click on ‘See and Share your Pacemaker Premium Referral Link’

See and Share.png

5. Copy the URL and share!

Copy URL.png

6. Win the love and adoration of all your friends and even total strangers!


Go ahead, don’t be shy, spread the word and the savings!


Important Changes to Free Pacemaker Accounts

Hi all!

With Pacemaker Premium just a few hours from being rolled out, we wanted to take the time to explain two important ch-ch-changes which will affect free Pacemaker accounts, and provide some insight into why we’ve gone Premium.

Plan Limits

Free Pacemaker accounts created from February 1st onwards will be limited to 2 plans.

But don’t worry! All free Pacemaker accounts which were created prior to Feb 1 2017 will maintain the number of plans currently present in their accounts, for life. This means that if you currently have 10 plans in your account, your limit for the life of your free Pacemaker account will be 10 plans. However, in order to create a new plan, you would have to delete one of your existing plans. These plan limits will be finalized by Feb 1.

Beta Unified Calendar

By Feb 1st 2017, only Pacemaker Premium subscribers will have access to the beta Unified Calendar which gives you an at-a-glance view of all your plans in one place. We continue to welcome any feedback on the Calendar which would help us improve its usefulness and functionality.

Why have we created paid Premium accounts?

As our free resource has grown, we have started to spend more and more time listening to your needs, building new features, responding to your support requests and maintaining web servers that host the website and securely keep your data. Instead of adding advertising to the site or closing it down, we decided to start a premium subscription that will help to support the site over the coming years and enable users to still enjoy the basic Pacemaker experience for free.

We thank you for your support over the years and hope to continue to build a Pacemaker that you would be proud to use and recommend to others. If you have any questions about how these changes will affect your account, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Write on!
Pacemaker Team



Call for Spreadsheets!

Hello all,

Our Work Planning Tool is in its final stages of development before we open the beta!

We are elated that so many of you have signed up to participate in the Work Planning Beta and have provided feedback on what we should build into the tool, and how it should work. Many of you have also sent along copies of spreadsheets you’ve built or modified, as examples of how you used to plan your writing and track your writing progress before finding tools like Pacemaker.

Studying your spreadsheets has been invaluable in understanding what functions are important to you when it comes to planning and tracking your writing over a period of time.

call-for-spreadsheetsSo in these last few weeks before we open the beta, if you haven’t already, we’d love if you could send us an example page of a spreadsheet you use, or have used, to plan your writing or track your progress.

Whether simple or complicated, they give us real insight into your needs as writers, and  this greatly helps us translate that information into a tool which gives you peace of mind and a greater sense of control over your projects and time!


Help us help you by sending those spreadsheets to us at We can’t wait to see them!