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Look what you did!

2021 has been a record-shattering year at Pacemaker because of YOU and all the work you’ve done! Whether you contributed 1 word or 1000, 10 minutes or 10,000, together, you all have contributed more to Pacemaker in the last year than any previous year and by the looks of it, engagement is on the rise! What’s more is that all of this amazing progress was tracked in a year that was otherwise full of challenges and an unprecedented number of opportunities for setbacks.

For the thousands of you who completed plans, great job, keep the momentum going! And for the thousands more who haven’t yet completed your plans, you didn’t let the possibility of not finishing stop you from starting, and at Pacemaker, that’s always worth celebrating!

In 2021, with your help, we launched a full site redesign which you can read about here, and we added Projects– an innovative new way to organize your plans by grouping them together in ways which make sense to YOU! We also updated the progress editor to give you the freedom to make multiple progress updates per day, eliminating the need to manually calculate one cumulative figure! On top of these and other visual updates, we delivered a ton of fixes and tweaks behind the scenes that improved usability for you!

For 2022, we are doubly committed to continuing to add value to your Pacemaker Premium subscriptions and the Pacemaker Free experience, by adding more of the features YOU request, and some we’ll come up with ourselves. In short, in 2022, we are committed to bettering Pacemaker for you!

As always, thanks for being the best users any startup could ask for.

We wish you a strong finish to 2021, and a truly brilliant new year!