Discounted Pacemaker Premium subscriptions- It’s not too late!

Hey all!

Did you know that everyone who pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium has a personal referral code? It’s true! This lets them pass on the amazing FOR-LIFE promo pricing until March 31st!

pacemaker-premium-stickerThat means you can still enjoy Private Plans, Unlimited Plans, Descriptions, the ability to Create Challenges and Host writing groups (and more!), for the deeply discounted price of $5/month or $45/year, FOR! LIFE!

So if you know someone who pre-ordered Premium, hit them up! If not, no worries, here’s one on us: Pacemaker Premium Promo Code

Want to know how to find your referral code?

1. Have pre-ordered Pacemaker Premium


2. Log in and click your username in the top right of the page


3. Click on ‘Your Plans’


4. Click on ‘See and Share your Pacemaker Premium Referral Link’

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5. Copy the URL and share!

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6. Win the love and adoration of all your friends and even total strangers!


Go ahead, don’t be shy, spread the word and the savings!


2017 begins with Pacemaker Premium!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re starting the New Year off with BIG news! Come February 1st 2017, users will be able to add premium features to their accounts with a Pacemaker Premium subscription!

Pacemaker Premium accounts will include:


  • Private Plans – Only you and those you share your plan link with will be able to view your pacemakerplans!
  • Challenges – Create and host a Group for a writing challenge or just communal writing activities. Track stats and progress for the entire Group- perfect for classrooms, writing groups, NaNoWriMo and friends!
  • Plan Descriptions – Add a bit more detail to your plans with rich text descriptions for your projects!
  • Unlimited Plans – While Free accounts will have up to 2 plans, Premium accounts can create as many pacemakerplans as needed!

Many more features such as reminders and the ability to archive, group and categorize plans by color or other criteria, will also be added throughout the year. And stay tuned for more information on how Premium users will be able to directly influence what we build next!

Pacemaker Premium will launch on February 1st, 2017 and cost $8 USD/month or $72 USD/year.

HOWEVER, as a special thanks to all our loyal users, we’re offering discounted introductory pricing to all who pre-order during the month of January. Each user who pre-orders Pacemaker Premium will:

  • Lock in the promotional price of $5 USD/month or $45 USD/year for LIFE! That’s right, as long as you maintain a Pacemaker Premium subscription, you will only pay $5/month or $45/year!
  • Be able to gift your friends, family or followers this promotional pricing until March 31st 2017! This means anyone you refer to Pacemaker Premium will also receive the Promo price for life if they subscribe using your referrer link by March 31st 2017!

Learn more about Pacemaker Premium and pre-order today!

As always, we are so grateful for your support! Pacemaker’s Premium features will give you a more personalized experience on the site, which we hope will translate into a more productive writing year for you.

The best is yet to come in 2017, and here’s to that!